From Desk to Drinks…

Well, here we are halfway to the weekend again! I’m actually winding down on a little stay-cation of my own and it’s back to reality tomorrow morning. Although, I’m so glad I planned my return to the office for a Thursday! Nothing like a nice short week- especially when you’re transitioning from beach bum to business casual!

Speaking of work attire- today I’ll be chatting about how to take your 9-5 look into the evening. If I’m being totally honest, most nights I’m content to just Netflix and couch it, but every once in a while I do spring for a happy hour catch up date with friends! More often than not, I don’t have time to stop home and change beforehand. And I’d much prefer to keep it simple and not have to pack an entirely different outfit to bring to work with me and hurriedly change into before going out.

Here’s an example of one outfit that blends smart and stylish perfectly….

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

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OOTD Featuring Allura Boutique

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be bringing you guys another post featuring Allura Boutique and the sweetheart behind it, Molly!

You might remember a few months back, I had the opportunity to try some of Allura’s spring transitional pieces. I loved how versatile and affordable they were, not to mention the warm and personable customer service Molly gives! People like her are a reminder of why I love to shop small business. Now that’s not to say I don’t love a good Target run, but it’s always such a rewarding experience supporting a passionate and hardworking small business owner!

I caught a glimpse of this adorable and unique cow skull peplum top via Allura’s Instagram and it sold out almost instantly! Molly was nice enough to let me know when it got restocked, and in the meantime I was thinking of how I was going to style it!

I am wearing a Medium, for reference. It’s a very flowy, relaxed fit. I could probably get away with a small, however! I recommend sizing down!

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Blissfully Bronzed!

Welcome Back!

Tell me, is there ANYTHING better than being tan?!


Summer is well underway, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of my most favorite bronzers! I am pretty much an all-year-long bronzer girl, but during the summer it is definitely even more of a staple item. What girl doesn’t love having that sun kissed “fresh off the beach” glow, even if you’ve really been at the office all day?

I’ve rounded up 3 of my favorites….

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June Favorites!

Happy Friday! I wanted to wrap the week (and month!) up with a June favorites post. Here’s a recap of what I was loving this past month….

Parker James Boutique-

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Parker JamesΒ via Instagram. Parker James is a women’s clothing boutique based out of Frankfort, IL (with a full website, and frequent online promos for those of us non-locals!).

Their clothing and accessories are the perfect combination of trendy and timeless. I’ve been especially impressed by their variety of merchandise! Whether you are attending a wedding, brunching with your girlfriends, or just lounging around- there is something for everyone! Β Check out their website, and feel free to use promo code DANALEE for 20% off anything your heart desires! I recently tried some of their jewelry, and I know these will become accessory staples for me…. I have had my eyes peeled for a necklace like this one for a LONG time!


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Rocksbox Reveal Pt. 1!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you got to soak up some sunshine this weekend! I got a chance to catch up with one of my college girlfriends at a local winery on Saturday and try some amazing wine slushies that I’d heard plenty of (well deserved) hype about! (If you’re local to Central CT and are looking to do a wine tasting or just indulge in a wine slushie on a hot summer day-Β  Arrigoni Winery is your spot!) And Sunday was spent with my boyfriend, just relaxing on the beach- hands down my favorite way to spend a gorgeous day. Now it’s back to the grind!

Today I’ll be chatting all things Rocksbox, and more importantly, sharing a code for YOU to try your first month free! If you’re not familiar, Rocksbox is a “try before you buy” jewelry service for $21/month, that features several high end (but still affordable!) brands. Kendra Scott, Kate Spade and gorjana are just a few of my favorites! Keep reading to learn more…


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Fab, Fit, Fun Summer ’17 Review

Welcome Back pretty ladies! Today I’ll be reviewing my latest FabFitFun Box! This box was an important one for me because it was the final box in my annual subscription, and I knew it would be a big deciding factor of whether or not to renew for another year. (Spoiler alert….I’m still undecided, but I’m leaning toward re-subscribing!)

You can catch up on my Winter FFF review here and my Spring FFF review here. (My Fall box I received in my pre-blogging days, but let it be known- I LOVED IT!) In a nutshell, for $49.99 a season (or $179.99 annually) Fab, Fit, Fun sends you a box of seasonally trending full sized products that target beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle. There are usually around 8-9 items in each box.

You might be skeptical of the quality of these full sized items, given you’re only paying roughly $50 for all of them combined. I know I was! But what I’ve been pleasantly surprised with over the past year is the value far exceeds the subscription fee. The Summer Box had a combined retail value of $281.50! Every box leaves me wondering “HOW do they do it?!”

So here’s how the Summer box treated me….

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

….Well if you’re like me, you just might indulge in some retail therapy when life gives you lemons!

And I have to admit, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this adorable lemon print button down from Target! Or so I thought that’s what it was. It wasn’t until it was time to link my shirt to the website, that I found out Target actually calls this pineapple print! Honestly? I just don’t see it! To me, the green looks way more like leaves on a lemon, than the crown of a pineapple!

But I’m not going to dwell- either way this was a really cute, fun and comfortable top and I’m so glad I spotted it! I’m a sucker for ANY cute novelty print (fruit, animals, even umbrellas!) and this was a welcome addition to my wardrobe! Normally I would stay away from a longer sleeve length in the summer, but this shirt is very airy and lightweight. I am wearing a size medium, for reference. Keep reading for outfit details!

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